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A message from the chair

A message from the chair:

We know that our resistance to the Trump administration’s destructive policies depends on Democrats showing up in numbers at every opportunity to change the course of our local and national communities. We need to show up in numbers, starting today. The Clay County DFL asks for your support with that goal. Showing up is important because it means that we’re taking a stand against Donald Trump’s policies that harm our most vulnerable Americans. With more involvement, we can influence local and national leaders.

The Clay County DFL is asking for support for

events and outreach to increase participation in local events

better communication tools in the languages spoken by our newest community members

social media campaigns to raise awareness about local issues

local candidates who promote a progressive agenda

The Political Contribution Refund (PCR) program will refund your donation to the Clay County DFL – up to $50 per person. So you can make a $50 donation ($100 per married couple) and simply get a refund. Support local issues and politicians, grow our numbers, and help us resist Donald Trump and his billionaire cronies. Make your donation and get a refund by clicking here.

Together we can do this.

Julian Dahlquist

Chair, Clay County DFL

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