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Bluestem Prairie: “Hey Joe Talley, backstabbing union workers again?”: hundreds protest

This may be slightly old news, but I recently ran across this web site with rather impressive coverage of the union lockout at American Crystal Sugar. You won’t see as much coverage from The Forum or the local news media.

Hundreds of American Crystal Sugar workers and others showed up in Moorhead with signs, banners and even guitars Thursday in a rally for employees who have been locked out for 11 days. About 1,300 union workers have been locked out of five sugar processing plants in Minnesota, North Dakota and Iowa in the company’s first labor impasse in 30 years. The largest beet sugar processor in the U.S. had offered a 17 percent pay increase over five years, but workers were upset about provisions covering job security and health care costs.

Read more…Caution: Video at link site may play automatically. Scroll down to pause.

A related page at Tildology provides a number of links about the lockout at American Crystal Sugar. Included are headlines from Bluestem Prairie and the Grand Forks Herald.

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