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Caucuses AND a primary? That’s different!

For the 2020 election, Minnesota has added a presidential primary on March 3. We will still have precinct caucuses, but they will not include a presidential preference vote. That’s different!

Here’s what has changed.


What are they?

The caucuses are where you meet with neighbors in your precinct and discuss important party business. You’ll introduce and vote on resolutions that could make their way all the way to the national Democratic Party platform. You will also elect delegates to the county convention.

When are they?

February 25. Registration opens at 6 pm, and the caucuses must begin at 7 pm by Minnesota law. They typically last for about an hour.

Where are they?

Clay County’s precinct caucuses will be held in Barnesville, Felton, Hawley, and Moorhead. You must attend the correct location for your precinct! You can find your precinct caucus location on the DFL caucus finder.

Why should I go?

You should go if:

  1. you want to be a delegate to the Senate District convention so you can vote to endorse a candidate for our open Minnesota State House seat.

  2. you want to be a delegate to the state or national convention.

  3. you are passionate about an issue that you want to be included or changed in the DFL or national Democratic Party platform.

  4. you want to meet other Democrats in your neighborhood.

What’s different?

There is no presidential preference voting at the caucuses this year. That’s different! You can vote for your preference for a presidential nominee in the primary election.

Presidential primary

What is it?

The presidential primary is where you will vote for the person you want to be the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee.

When is it?

Election Day is March 3, and early voting is open at the Clay County Courthouse, at the Auditor’s office.

Where is it?

Some of us will vote in the same location as last year, and others of us will vote at a different location. Visit the Secretary of State’s polling location finder to see where you’ll vote in the presidential primary.

Why should I go?

Because you care about who the next president is and you want to vote for your choice!

What’s different?

This will be like most other elections, except that this time there will be two different ballots, and you will have to choose a Democratic Party ballot if you want to vote for a Democratic presidential candidate. Which ballot you choose will not be public information, but it will be given to the chairs of the state parties. The party chairs will not know who you voted for.

Have more questions?

Email Athena Gracyk, Clay County DFL Chair, at

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