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DCCC: House Republicans Under Fire For Voting to End Medicare

At town hall meetings across the country, House Republicans are taking heat for choosing to end Medicare and raise health care costs for seniors, rather than ending taxpayer giveaways for Big Oil companies making record profits or tax breaks for the ultra rich.

Check it out for yourself.

In a related story:

Fact Check: Representative Sean Duffy Voted to End Medicare, Turn it into Voucher Program

At a town hall meeting, Representative Sean Duffy (WI-07) continued to mislead voters about his vote to end Medicare and force seniors to pay more for their health care. Duffy actually argued with a constituent who correctly confronted him on supporting the Ryan plan to turn Medicare into a voucher system. The exchange was reported by Think Progress.

FALSE Duffy Claim: “No, it doesn’t there’s no voucher… It’s a premium support it’s not a voucher. The bottom line is if we do nothing, if we do nothing, you can all say this is all fine and dandy, you can get it and I know any young people here you can all get this program.”

FACT: Ryan Plan Will End Medicare And Turn It Into A Voucher Program. According to the Wall Street Journal, “The plan would essentially end Medicare, which now pays most of the health-care bills for 48 million elderly and disabled Americas, as a program that directly pays those bills.” The New York Times reported that, “The plan would turn Medicare into a voucher program for future generation[.]”[Wall Street Journal, 4/04/11; The New York Times, 4/11/11]

Source: Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

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