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DFL News: Trump doubles down

Trump doubles down on his refusal to accept election outcome; MN Republicans still silent

St. Paul—Yesterday Donald Trump doubled down on his refusal to accept the election outcome saying he would only accept it if he wins. Trump’s remarks came a day after the final presidential debate in which he horrified America by stating when asked if he’d accept the outcome: “I will tell you at the time. I will keep you in suspense.”
As Republicans across the country weighed in to condemn Trump, Minnesota Republicans, notably Speaker Kurt Daudt, Sen. David Hann and Erik Paulsen have remained silent. In the past Republican former Governor Arne Carlson has called this silence “stunning” and “inexcusable”.
“This is a sad, sad time for Minnesota’s Republican Party,” said DFL Chair Ken Martin. “That they can’t even muster the courage to denounce this demagogue as he attacks the basic pillar of our electoral process is a stain they will carry with them forever. Republicans have tried to make government look bad by blocking progress on critical issues and underfunding services, and now they’re standing by silently while the basic tenets of our democracy are being demeaned. This is a new low.”
Other Republicans across the country who have spoken out on this issue include Arizona Senator John McCain, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, Fmr Ohio Governor John Kasich, multiple Republican Secretaries of State, NJ Governor Chris Christie, FL Senator Marco Rubio.
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