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Event: Summer of Solidarity Tour, August 24th

The North Dakota and Minnesota Labor community presents the “Summer of Solidarity” tour: free evening of activism, food and music celebrating working-class struggle and solidarity.

“The Summer of Solidarity Tour is a 17-day, 13-city coast-to-coast tour of Steelworker local union activists and community allies from across the country aimed at supporting local struggles and connecting them with the broader fight against corporate power.” Summer of Solidarity Facebook Event Page

The Fargo-Moorhead stop on Saturday, August 24th, at Davy Park in Moorhead includes: 5pm – 6pm: “Know Your Rights At Work” Workshop – Education session to learn about your legal rights on the job!

6pm-7pm: Community BBQ – Free food provided by local labor organization.

7pm-9pm: Concert in Davy Park featuring:

  1. Anne Feeney – Legendary labor singer/songwriter from Pittsburgh

  2. Michael O’Brien – Canadian hip-hop artist and union activist

  3. With Local Performers:

  4. Ron Franz – Singer/songwriter and AFT member from Grand Forks, ND

  5. Scot Kelsch – Singer/songwriter, Fargo Firefighter and State Representative

  6. DJ Frank Zuber- House DJ and IBEW member out of Fargo, ND

The event is FREE and open to the public.

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