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Forbes: No Public Hearings On Medicaid Cuts As Scott Walker Tightens His Grip On Wisconsin

Thank goodness for Governor Dayton! Despite the looming state shutdown in Minnesota, things could be so much worse had Emmer squeaked past Dayton in the 2010 election. And, for anyone who EVER questions whether elections matter (and one vote, for that matter), just look up what Gov. Scott Walker has done and continues to do to neighboring Wisconsin.

Source: Forbes By Rick Ungar – The Policy Page Jun. 20 2011 – 11:02 pm
What’s a governor to do when he has a big agenda but little tolerance for the nagging voice of the people? He either loads up on the anti-acids and the aspirins, or he finds the peace and quiet he requires to bring his society-changing schemes to life by simply legislating away the annoyance of having to listen to the voice of the voters. Apparently, Gov. Scott Walker has decided to skip the Maalox and go for the muzzle. Last week, the Wisconsin legislature passed a new state budget granting Gov. Walker the power to slash the state’s Medicaid program by some $500 million. To ensure that the Governor and his subordinates could do their cutting without unwanted interference from Wisconsin voters and the pesky media, the legislature simply removed the obligation of the executive branch to hold hearings on any such cuts- leaving Walker free to do as he will without the requirement of public input.Read more…
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