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Gov. Mark Dayton fights for a better outcome for Minnesotans

Picture of the MN State Capitol with the words "Better Minnesota DFL"

Gov. Mark Dayton fights for a better outcome for Minnesotans, $1 billion on bottom line for 2016 session

By Ken Martin, chairman, Minnesota DFL

At the end of the 2015 legislative session, Gov. Mark Dayton vetoed three bills because he knew they could be better. After the conclusion of the special session, we can appreciate Gov. Dayton’s actions; his vetoes did improve the bills.

Because of Gov. Dayton’s leadership, Minnesota’s E-12 education system will see an additional $525 million in funding. Every classroom in the state will benefit from this funding. Gov. Dayton was also successful in securing additional funding for early learning initiatives, English language learners and American Indian students.

The Governor’s veto of the environment bill provided better environmental protections. In addition to securing landmark buffer legislation that will significantly improve water quality in rivers and streams by preventing pollution from entering our waters, Gov. Dayton fought against indefinite amnesty for polluters, weakening water quality standards and delaying essential environment reviews.

Under the jobs and energy bill, Gov. Dayton secured funding to help provide job opportunities for Minnesotans with disabilities as well as funding to help people with mental illness so they won’t experience homelessness. Gov. Dayton also ensured that broadband grants were competitive for rural communities.

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