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Letter to the Editor: Looking forward to Ben Lien’s service

By: Diane Wray Williams, Moorhead, INFORUM Published January 03, 2013, 11:33 PM

So, residents of Moorhead, let’s review where we are at the start of a new legislative season. There is always uncertainty when we elect new representatives to do our work in St. Paul. It appears that we’ve got a representative who is making every moment count. If you recall, Ben Lien campaigned on stabilizing property taxes, reducing higher education cost to students, and generally helping Moorhead to succeed in completing flood control measures and attracting jobs. Lien has obtained the following committee assignments: property tax committee, higher education finance, and judicial policy and finance. Good for him, good for us! I’m looking forward to Lien’s service in the Legislature. He knows Moorhead, and he has a good handle on how state government works. Let’s give him all the back up and data he needs to do a great job for us.
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