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MN Progressive Project: Shutdown report minimizes the impact on 19,000 furloughed state workers

I’m sure the MN GOP will try to milk this report for all they can. But as the following article points out, the so called ‘savings’ were gained on the backs of hard-working, taxpaying people who are your neighbors.

By: The Big E Wed Nov 23, 2011 at 19:00:00 PM CST
The report about the impact of this summers government shutdown is out. Minnesota Republicans must be so pleased that the media just can’t stop talking about how little damage it did. $65 million doesn’t sound like a lot when you consider the billions and trillions the Republicans run up in debt when they’re in charge. That, of course, is a steaming pile of crap. 19,000 state workers weren’t paid. Republicans always ask for everyone else to sacrifice so that the 1% get their goodies. Read a press release by MAPE

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