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mnpACT!: MN GOP: Reform 2.0 = Deficits Forever

By Dave Mindeman Posted: 08/18/11 14:39

When you talk about reform you generally mean that you are going to change something. It should be about new ideas and new approaches. Reform is moving off the status quo. The Minnesota Legislative GOP is talking about reform…and when they do it, look out. They called a news conference to tell everybody that reform was going to happen…Reform 2.0 was the title. Except they didn’t have a comprehensive plan and the stuff they did talk about….. The Republicans’ agenda will include what they describe as limiting government “overreach, improving the state’s business climate, lowering taxes and streamlining government functions. They also plan to push for constitutional amendment that would require a supermajority vote in both legislative chambers to increase taxes. well, that sounds a lot like Republican Reform 1.0.
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