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MNpublius: Even Bachmann is afraid to embrace the GOP plan to end Medicare

May 3rd, 2011

By jeff-rosenberg

You know a proposal is extreme when Michele Bachmann distances herself from it. But that’s just what she’s doing with the official Republican plan to end Medicare. She’s working hard to downplay her support of the Republicans’ plan:

I put an asterisks on my support, I put a blog posting up that said just as much. That is my area of concern, I support this bill with that proviso. … One position that I’m concerned about shifting the cost burden to senior citizens. Seniors are saying, look, I’m not in a positon to be able to handle that. I also share that real fear, that’s why I put that asterisks out there. [Think Progress, via MN Progressive Project]

This issue is a major loser for the Republican Party, and for good reason. Even Bachmann has realized that Americans oppose ending Medicare. Her backpedaling is a clear signal that Republicans are becoming more and more nervous about the political implications of the plan they voted for.

Source: MNpublius

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