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MNpublius: Priorities

Source: MNpublius BY: jeff-rosenberg May 24th, 2011

I don’t often post press releases verbatim, but House Minority Leader Paul Thissen’s statement on this failed legislature session and what it represents is 100 percent spot on.A COLOSSAL FAILURE OF REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP
Statement from Minority Leader Thissen as 2011 Legislative Session slouches to end

“I have no idea how the Republican Majority can adjourn this session and go home to their constituents. Their only accomplishment – if you can call it that – was to divide Minnesotans with a constitutional amendment that enshrines discrimination into our constitution.

Worse, had the Republican budget gone into effect, they would have laid waste to the things that Minnesotans care most about, squeezed the middle class, and set Minnesota back dramatically.Simply stated, this session has seen a colossal failure of Republican leadership. That failure is based on misplaced Republican priorities.

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