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Pawlenty: “The truth is, our country’s in big trouble”

Yes, T-Paw…the State of Minnesota is in trouble due to your policies and our entire country would be in a dire predicament if you become President of the USA.

He made it official. His video is titled “Time for Truth.” The hypocrisy is thick.

He’s In — Pawlenty Announces Presidential Campaign Via YouTube (VIDEO) Source: TPMDC Eric Kleefeld | May 22, 2011, 7:19 PM

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-MN), who was set to officially announce his presidential campaign Monday in Iowa after a two-month exploratory committee phase, has now made it official one day early — in another dramatic YouTube video.

The video opens with a computer screen, as a person off-camera is typing in a Google search: “How to tell America you’re running for President?” — a copy of Google’s TV ads.

“I could give a speech, and tell you I was running for president,” Pawlenty is heard in a voice-over. “I could have a podium with my campaign logo on it. I could have balloons — red ones, white ones, and blue ones. I could pass out stickers and cupcakes.” Meanwhile, the screen shows various depictions of all those things.

“I could promise that we can eliminate a $14 trillion debt, create jobs for 10 million people, restructure social Security and health care — all without making any tough decisions.“Or — I could try something different. I could just tell you the truth.

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