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Precinct Caucus Forms

Letter Nomination Form:

If you cannot attend your caucus on February 7th but wish to be nominated as a Clay County DFL convention delegate, please complete the Letter Nomination Form (PDF).

If you know someone who is attending a precinct caucus at the same location, you can ask them to deliver the completed form for you. Make sure you know which precinct you reside in so your friend can drop it off with the correct caucus.

Otherwise, deliver the completed form to Larry Nicholson, Clay DFL Chair, before Monday, February 6th. Larry’s address is: 918 14th St S; Moorhead, MN 56560-3760.

Phone: (218) 236-0959

Resolution Form:

If you want to submit a resolution to be considered for inclusion in the party platform, please use the Platform Resolution Form (Word) (PDF). Complete the form and bring to your precinct caucus.

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