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Rev. Matthew Valan bows out of Minnesota Senate race

I admit that I am disappointed that we will not see a Senator Valan representing us in St. Paul from the new District 4; however, I also believe that things happen for a reason. We have all been blessed to be a small part of Pastor Valan’s journey in seeking our endorsement. I wish him well and know he will continue to be involved in his own way in making our community, nation, and world a better place for ALL people.

For those who missed Matt’s recent articles of inspiration, please check out the following links:

Sugar growers must return to spirit, intent of founders — requires Fargo Forum PressPass

Published 12/06/2011, INFORUMIn 1936, an enterprising group of farmers began organizing a group that came to be known as the Red River Valley Sugar Beet Growers Association. By 1962, the group hired their first executive director. The farmers grew sugar beets for New Jersey-based American Crystal Sugar Co. and worked tirelessly to get the company to improve beet handling facilities, increase acreage and develop research strategies to improve production.

Pastor Openly Discusses Personal Tragedies — from CBS Minnesota

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