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Support Ben Lien for MN 4A

Have you been receiving full-color flyers supporting Ben Lien’s opponent for the MN District 4A race? Did you know those flyers are paid for by a business PAC called Minnesota’s Future?

According to SFGate

An open House seat in Moorhead is drawing spending by the Minnesota Business Partnership PAC and Minnesota’s Future, a conservative group. Since August, they have spent more than $13,000 combined on mail supporting Republican Travis Reimche, who faces Democrat Ben Lien.

The Politics in Minnesota web site reports the following about Minnesota’s Future…

In the pre-primary reports, the GOP-aligned group Minnesota’s Future appeared to be the fundraising powerhouse. The group was created in 2010 after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in the Citizens United case that corporations are constitutionally allowed to spend directly out of their treasuries to influence elections.
Starting with just $10,030 at the start of the year, Minnesota’s Future has collected some $275,000 from Minnesota companies this year. The bulk of the donations to PAC organized by GOP operative Greg Johnson have been $100,000 checks from both Frauenshuh Companies and Davisco Foods International.

Minnesota’s Future poured money into the 2010 election in Tom Emmer’s bid for Minnesota Governor.

Do you want big businesses from outside of District 4 to hold sway on our election this year? Who would Reimche be beholden to if he manages a win on Election Day? Do you want to push back against Mitt Romney’s assertion that corporations are people? If so, support Ben Lien and share his story with your neighbors.

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