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You’re invited to our 2019 Business Convention

We will be holding our Clay County DFL Business Convention on Saturday, March 30 at the MSUM Comstock Memorial Union. Registration begins at 12:30 and the convention starts at 1:00.

We will be electing officers, approving a budget, and voting on updates to our constitution.

While only delegates and officers can vote at the convention, everyone is welcome to run for officer positions. New this year: all candidates for officer positions must go through a basic screening process to verify their eligibility to serve. You can view the position descriptions here and fill out the nominations form here.

Delegates and alternates were chosen at last year’s caucuses. If you were a delegate or an alternate to last year’s convention, you are a delegate or alternate at this one, too. You should have received an email notice about the convention already. Delegates and alternates will continue to get more information about the convention as we get closer.

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