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Donate by Dec. 15 and get a t-shirt

Without a major effort to turn out voters next year, Minnesota may go the way of Virginia. After all, Joe Biden’s margin of victory in Minnesota last year was less than it was in Virginia, and yet Democrats there still lost control of state government. If that happens here, you can count on a government that refuses to follow science in controlling the spread of COVID-19, passes legislation to make it more difficult to vote, underfunds schools, does nothing to address climate change, and is indifferent to the needs of working families.

One thing is certain. We will be living with the results of the next election for a long time. Statewide offices will all be on the ballot. It is vital that we reelect Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan. Secretary of State Steve Simon has played a crucial role in keeping our elections safe and accessible, and for that reason is sure to face stiff opposition. Attorney General Keith Ellison and State Auditor Julie Blaha also need our support to keep up their good work. Locally, because of redistricting, not only will Heather Keeler and Paul Marquart be up for reelection, but Kent Eken’s state Senate seat will also be up again, perhaps in a district that is significantly redrawn. We need to reelect candidates who put the needs of our people and our communities first.

The active involvement of our current DFL base is vital as we work to strengthen our local unit. Here’s how we plan to increase our base of support:

· We are creating a Youth Engagement Committee to reach out to young people who have passion for issues, lots of energy, but little connection to electoral politics.

· We are making plans to do more rural outreach. The DFL has pushed hard to help rural Minnesotans receive quality education, health care, and broadband, and we need to get that message across more effectively.

· We continue to connect with leaders of New American communities to work with them for their political empowerment.

To accomplish these goals, we need your support. If you contribute by December 15, you can show your support in two ways. For a contribution of $25 or more, you can receive one of these t-shirts. At the same time that you’re putting your money to work, you’ll be able to publicly strut your stuff as a proud Democrat. Or you could give it as a gift.

As an additional benefit, any amount you give above the value of the shirt (we don’t know the exact price yet) is eligible for the Minnesota’s Political Contribution Refund (PCR) program, and you can receive a refund of up to $50 for an individual or $100 for a married couple. Please give generously.

To make your donation, download, print, and complete the reply form below, and mail it with your check to Clay County DFL, P. O. Box 161, Moorhead, MN 56560. Or you can go to Please do it today.

Next year, you will no doubt want to contribute to candidates, so it makes all the more sense to give to the Clay County DFL in the off year of 2021 as we work to lay the foundations for expanding our outreach efforts.

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