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Congratulations to our DFL Candidates!

  1. Kent Eken – MN Senate District 4 (results)

  2. Ben Lien – MN House of Representatives District 4A (results)

  3. Paul Marquart – MN House of Representatives District 4B (results)

In his bid to replace retiring MN Senator Keith Langseth, Kent Eken won 19,833 votes (52.17%) to Phil Hansen’s 18,132 votes (47.70%). There were 49 write-ins.

Ben Lien won over Travis Reimche by a margin of 10,011 votes to 8,218 votes for District 4A. Ben received 54.80% of the vote to Reimche’s 44.99%. There were 39 write-in votes.

In his bid for re-election for MN State Representative in District 4B, Paul Marquart received 12,637 votes to 6,719 received by his challenger Paul Sandman. Representative Marquart received 65.23% of the vote to Sandman’s 34.68%. There were 16 write-in votes.

Thanks to ALL who helped in electing our DFL candidates. We are excited that the DFL has regained both the Minnesota House and Senate. Let’s hop with the change in leadership we can now deal with the issues affecting Minnesotans and their communities and put an end to the past partisan agenda.

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